School Hours and Traffic Rules

AM/PM In-Person Sessions for KG-8

School Front Office hours are Mon.-Fri. 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Phone 623-327-2820. Fax 623-327-2829.

  • AM Session 7:40-10:25
    • Gates open at 7:30
  • PM Session 11:55-2:40
    • Gates open at 11:45

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

In an effort to continue to provide a safe and secure campus for our students, we will only have three gates open in the morning before and after school:

  • Gate between the 300 and 400 building 
  • Gate near the bike racks in the 200 building
  • Gate near the gym/cafeteria

Kindergarten Only:  The gate near the gym/cafeteria is if you have a Kindergartener. You may drop-off at the gate but for pick-up you will need to park your vehicle and walk up to the gate to pick up your child. As long as you have a Kinder, other siblings may be dropped off and picked up at this same location too.

1st through 8th Graders: All 1st through eighth graders must be dropped off and picked up at the ball field. Please enter the parking lot from the neighborhood side off 181st Ave. Do not enter off Elliot. If you wish to park in a parking spot when picking up your student in the afternoon, we ask that you back your vehicle into the slot so you may be able to pull out quickly. If you wish to get in the pick-up line, we ask that you form the line on the left hand side so you may enter the circular drive going from left to right, as vehicles exit, please pull forward as close as you can to the vehicle in front of you, as you exit the circular drive, proceed with caution to the exit onto Elliot. Exit to the right. Pease remind your child to use the sidewalk to get to your car and not cross through the circular drive as vehicles are also trying to exit once their child has entered their car. Please do not use Canyon Lane or Capistrano Avenue as a drop-off/pick-up zone. We are confident that you will understand that the safety of our students must always be our priority.  Please make adjustments to your morning schedule and plan on leaving your home a few minutes earlier so that your child arrives to school on time every day. We appreciate all of you and thank you for keeping our students safe.

Ballfield map 1.pdf