IB Assessment

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IB Assessment

Assessment at the IB Academy exists to support and encourage student learning. This means that teachers are continually gathering and analyzing data on a student’s performance against criteria and then providing him/her feedback to help improve his/her performance. MYP assessment is neither percentage graded nor letter graded. MYP assessment emphasizes individual achievement.


The MYP assessment system at the IB Academy is called a criterion-related model and it is important that both students and parents/guardians understand how this assessment works as it is a change from previous practices of grading in a traditional environment. Assessing students against criteria is very helpful because the student knows before attempting the work what needs to be done to reach the highest levels of achievement. It also helps teachers clarify and express their expectations about assignments in a way that students are able to understand. The strength of this model is that students are assessed for what they can do, rather than being ranked against each other. Students receive feedback on their performance based on the criteria level descriptors. 

           What Are The Assessment Criteria?

Schools must regularly report student progress towards the MYP objectives using the prescribed subject-group assessment criteria. The criteria for each subject group represent the uses of knowledge, understanding and skills that must be taught. They encompass the factual, conceptual, procedural and metacognitive dimensions of knowledge. The MYP assessment criteria across subject groups can be summarized as follows.

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Academy Honesty
The IB Academy has developed and implements an academic honesty policy that is consistent with IB expectations.
EMES Academic Honesty Policy 18-19.pdf

The IB Academy defines academic honesty as a set of values and skills based on the IB Learner Profile and mission statement that promotes personal integrity in teaching, learning, and assessment.  We believe that in order to achieve this, it is important that we focus on educating our students to be principled, to recognize and celebrate authentic student work, and to take pride in promoting student learning through inquiry that includes responsible use of information and communication of original work.

Information on these pages is from the MYP Subject Guides and the MYP Project Guide. International Baccalaureate Organization. 2014. Print.