Mr. Johnson

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Johnson

As a resident of Estrella Foothills, I am excited to be able to teach at Estrella Mountain, and participate in the development and building up of our community.  We are thankful to have a brand new science laboratory to better enhance the inquiry process in our teaching, and your child's learning.  

Originally from Colorado, I moved to sunny AZ back in 2008.  I am the youngest of three brothers.  Further, while here, it was determined that teaching and working with the youth would be purposeful, challenging and rewarding.  My wife and I are both teachers and just had our first baby back in October of 2016.  She is our little bundle of joy and keeps us on our toes - and thankfully, not up through the nights anymore; also, interestingly, she is the first girl on my side of the family for three generations.

Beyond the classroom, I enjoy exercising, reading, conversations over coffee, spending time with family and friends, and am a sucker for a good movie.  I've taught martial arts, been a massage therapist, ran an ultra marathon, participated in and led bible studies, played and coached a variety of sports, and burned many dishes while cooking for the family.  All in all, nothing beats the development of the spirit and mind; and, from my experience, it's through life's challenges that this most aptly occurs.

I am pleased to meet and enjoy the opportunity to get to know you; please feel free to contact me with anything you deem important or would just like to share.