Mr. Daugherty's Site

2017-2018 School Year

Five Methods to Brilliance

Sense-Making: a new skill derived from computers and business designed to help students make sense of our world and cope with constant change.

Growing Your Gem: learn to use different approaches to learning together, a bit at a time, eventually creating a holistic approach to the problems of life.

Power of Vocabulary: "Vocabulary limits thought." "Thought limits vocabulary." Together these truths form the beginning of a massive journey into the acquisition of a large vocabulary for our students. We will explore new ways to learn words, making vocabulary acquisition one of our main goals this year.

Process of Design: We will integrate design units into the regular curriculum twice each trimester, expanding student abilities. Examples include toy environments to aid creative writing, desert explorations, solving global problems.

Learning to Create: We will spend a third of our time creating, learning how to see the world in new ways, organizing materials and ideas to foster a life of learning and a life of experimenting.  In teams designed to support interaction and risk-taking, boldly integrating technology, manipulative environments, and creative materials.

Ten Rules of Learning
1) Little tasks matter
2) You will need help
3) Have a Great Heart
4) Things can't be perfect
5) Don't fear failure
6) Take risks
7) Confront bullies
8) Be your best when times are worst
9) Power of hope
10) Never give up

ELA will be a traditional class in that we will cover reading, vocabulary, creative thinking, and writing for 90 minutes a day.  Our first unit will involve reading 5 Asimov short stories.

Math will focus on basics (fractions, order of operations), then work toward linear equations.

Social Studies (Humanities) will focus on civics and contemporary issues.