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The 2015-2016 school year will combine Social Studies and ELA in bold new ways.  For example, currently we are studying the United States involvement in the First World War by analyzing poetry and creating facsimiles, studying videos of propaganda, discovering the origin of the conflict, and the importance of the Zimmermann Telegram and Lusitania sinking--all without textbooks and worksheets.  In ELA, we will create poems, write essays, and analyze literature like a traditional class but the majority of material will be derived from our social studies part of the class.  

As you know, my class operates currently at four levels of writing with each level having different difficulty requirements:

Level 1: 2 pgs, hand-written, in-class
Level 2: 2-3 pgs, hand-written, in-class, score 6+
Level 3: 3-4 pgs, typed, 1 week, sources, score 7+
Level 4: 5 pgs, typed, 1 week, sources, score 8

Level 4 is currently using a standard college literature text, writing a five-page analysis and a one-page commentary on writings from the literature anthology. 

If you wish your student to operate at a different level, please let me know and we can discuss increasing or decreasing the writing difficulty.  The levels were determined by an end-of-the-year essay and consultation with Mrs. Bihn.  It is normal to begin the year with a relatively low level as levels will increase throughout the course of the year.

When essays are scored, you will notice an IB score of a 1-8, using assessment rubrics A and B.  Rubrics are available upon request and are posted in the classroom.  Each essay is usually scored twice (A and B), worth two grades in the gradebook, and scores can be improved by the student meeting with me and rewriting the essay.

Our goals are to develop close reading skills and referencing abilities, to explain literary interpretations through essays, and to develop a deep understanding of the writings and themes of various historical periods and literatures.