Mrs. Sheesley

 Welcome to Science and Design!

Please use the tabs and calendars to find all agendas, due dates and as many
assignments I can post for your reference.

Special Announcements: 

Homework Club begins this week.   2:45-3:30pm.  This is not a hang out.  Students must be quiet and working or they need to go home.

Monday - Sheesley, Mulleneaux
Tuesday - Arballo, Gallagher
Thursday - Daugherty

Science Olympiad meetings are Tuesday and Thursday in the media center.  Students only need to attend one of the 2 days a week.

A little bit about the teacher...


This is my 4th year teaching at Estrella Mountain Elementary and my 11th year teaching science to high school and middle school students.  I graduated from Northern Arizona University with my B.S in Zoology and my M.ed in Secondary Education.  Currently, I am the 7th and 8th grade science and design teacher, head coach of our State Science Olympiad Division B team, Coach of the 7th grade girls' Volleyball team, Coach of the 6th grade Volleyball team,  a co-sponsor of NJHS, coordinator of the 8th grade IB Community project and main contact for the Catalina Island 8th grade trip.  I am a wife and mother of 2 handsome boys and we are residents of Estrella Mountain Ranch Community.  
EMES IS my home.
       I am a lover of many things. Being outdoors and an appreciation of our Earth are very dear to me.  My husband and I are huge football fans, with a house divided.  With my family from Buffalo and his from Pittsburgh, but both of us born and raised here, we tend to have many teams we enjoy rooting for.  I love crafting- in fact, I own and operate a small business in my spare time for woodworking and custom painting with a fellow teacher.   Both my boys are active and love to be outdoors.  Gavin (6) plays in EYS sports and attends 1st grade here at EMES and Dylan (3) is growing so fast, playng soccer, learning in his preschool daycare loves to do everything his brother does.   They love to come with mommy to school so I am sure you will see them.