Mr. Hegedus' Fifth Grade

Welcome to Mr. Hegedus'
Fifth Grade! 


2018-2019 Class


"Everyone has the will to win.  Few have the will to prepare to win."
Bobby Knight

Our current IB unit is
Who We Are:  

An inquiry into the nature of self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human.

The Central Idea is:

As humans we have certain rights and responsibilities that can be influenced by our culture, beliefs, and values.


Lines of inquiry:  

  • Rights we have as Americans

  • Rights we have as stewards of the Earth

  • Responsibilities to our countries and the world

  • Responsibilities to ourselves

Key Concepts: 

  • Reflection
  • Connection
  • Responsibility



Learner Profiles:

  • Reflective
  • Balanced