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Welcome to EMES MYP IB Academy: 
Individuals & Societies

I am so excited to take this journey with you as you begin to explore our U.S. History and discover how governments work. Our curriculum follows the MYP IB Program for Individuals and Societies. This program emphasizes a conceptual understanding of multiple areas of discipline within the scope of Humanities.  We will explore topics in Geography, Economics, U.S. History, Government and Citizenship and unearth the psychology behind some of the most significant events in our U.S. and Arizona History and how they relate to our global perspective.   If you would like to preview some of the AZ State Standards that we cover, you can click here and read through some of the objectives we will work through this year.

I do use Google Classroom to present assignments and media support for units and topics we are working on.  Parents and students alike will be given access codes in the beginning of the school year.  The textbook will be loaded as PDF files and will be readily accessible along with other multimedia supports.  We will be working concurrently with Current Events to provide perspective on what we are studying. Students will complete online Discussion Forum Assignments with their peers. Students will learn how to "comment" or post "feedback" appropriately and constructively in a technological format.  Because of this, it is vital that students have access to the Internet. If students do not have access at home, then they are welcome to stay after school to work on their assignments on school computers.

Guest Speakers always provide insight and perspective to my students and make history come alive, especially at this age. If you would like to share your story or unique experience  as you lived through a major historical event, feel free to contact me at  

Homeroom Students: In the first week, you will receive important forms that need to be signed. Please review these with your parents, along with the Parent-Student Handbook, and return the forms as soon as possible. Some require signatures from both you and your parents so please read carefully and follow all instructions.

See you soon and I look forward to a memorable school year!

Mrs. Gallagher
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